How Shopify Used Creative Advertising to Showcase Their Game-Changing Platform

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Dan Nistor

07 Apr 2023 ● 2 min read

"Let's make you a business", Shopify Brand Campaign
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Shopify's innovative spirit has been driving independent business owners globally for more than 15 years. In 2019, the company decided to shed its silent solution status and raise awareness among individuals looking to build their businesses using its platform.

With the launch of their first brand campaign, "Let's make you a business.", Shopify celebrated the next generation of independent business owners who are turning their big ideas into thriving ventures. The campaign creatively used traditional media to demonstrate how Shopify is the crucial difference between merely creating something and turning it into a successful business.


At Vevol Media, we are proud to be part of the innovative Shopify community. Their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs is truly inspiring, and it's why we love working with Shopify.

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