Insights from Our CMO in eCommerce - 2023 ed. Conference

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04 Oct 2023 ● 9 min read

In this article we are summarising the key notes that were discussed in our recently held online conference: CMO in eCommerce - 2023 ed.
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In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, staying ahead of the game is essential. To shed light on the latest digital trends and provide actionable insights, Vevol Media recently hosted the "CMO in eCommerce - 2023 Edition" conference. This event brought together industry leaders who shared their unique perspectives and strategies. If you couldn't attend, don't worry; we've extracted the key takeaways from each speaker below.

Meet Our Panel

Yasmina Kazitani, CMO at Interverse #AI

Sarah Liu, CMO at ToplCup

Mario Peshev, CEO at RUSH

Dan Nistor, CEO at Vevol Media

Dr. Peter Dobias, CEO at Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions Inc.

Host: Ema Crisan, Account Manager at Vevol Media

Yasmina Kazitani: Navigating Saturated Markets

Key Points: blue vs. red ocean; scaling; opportunity; market research

One of the primary challenges in eCommerce is entering a market where competition is intense. Yasmina Kazitani, CMO for Interverse #AI, drew attention to the difference between saturated and untapped markets. She stressed that success lies in looking beyond the ordinary. Here are her key points:

Market Reconstruction

Yasmina underscored the importance of redefining market boundaries. Identifying the missing piece that no one else addresses can be a game-changer.

Think Big

Rather than obsessing over small details, Yasmina advocated focusing on the bigger picture. There's immense potential in catering to a wider audience.

Beyond Existing Demand

To thrive, businesses must expand beyond existing demand. Instead of targeting one specific audience, exploring diverse consumer segments can lead to success.

Yasmina's insights introduced the concept of the "blue ocean," which involves creating new market spaces rather than competing in existing ones. This approach aligns well with companies committed to prioritising transparency and aiming for growth.

For reference, the blue ocean strategy is a forward-thinking business approach that centres on carving out new market territories, as opposed to engaging in fierce competition within established markets. In contrast, a 'red ocean' represents a crowded marketplace with numerous competitors vying for the same space.

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“Marketing is about emotion. It’s not all about data. It’s 50% emotion AND 50% data. Take the Uber example: getting out late at night and knowing you have a safe way to get home.”

Sarah Liu: Navigating Startup Challenges

Key Points: start-up; trial and error; brand visibility; partnerships 

Sarah, the CMO for ToplCup, shared her journey in growing a successful startup, shining a light on cost-effective strategies and innovative thinking. Here are her key conclusions:

Learn and Adapt

Startups must embrace experimentation. Learning from past mistakes and avoiding unnecessary expenses is vital.

Organic Marketing

Sarah emphasised the effectiveness of organic marketing over paid advertising. Testing both and allocating resources wisely can yield optimal results.

B2B and B2C

Depending on your product, consider both B2B and B2C approaches. Strategic partnerships can be instrumental in reaching a broader audience.

She also emphasised the significance of creative thinking that comes from truly understanding your target audience to elevate brand visibility. On a more personal note, she advised against substantial investments in paid traffic or professional photoshoots unless you have all the details meticulously planned. Diligence is your ally when engaging with third-party services, and comprehensive research is the key to productive partnerships.

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“You don’t need a very impressive team to achieve greatness. Don’t be afraid to outsource.”

Mario Peshev: Targeting the Right Audience in 2023

Key Points: marketing channels; audience; platforms; growth

Mario Peshev, CEO of Rush.app and Devrix, delved into eCommerce marketing in 2023. He underscored the pivotal role of precisely targeting your audience, and here are some of his key insights.

Audience Analysis

Thoroughly analyse your target demographic for efficient resource allocation and better results.

Platform Selection

Carefully choose advertising platforms that align with your audience's age and preferences, a crucial factor for success.

Consider these diverse marketing channels:

  1. Social Ads: Explore potential on platforms like Meta Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, and Snap Ads.

  2. Social Networks: Cultivate your brand's digital presence through organic content.

  3. Video Marketing: Acknowledge the paramount importance of visual appeal.

  4. Email Marketing: Utilise tools like Klaviyo or Mailchimp, essential for addressing abandoned carts and retaining loyal customers, or craft compelling newsletters to foster deep reader engagement.

  5. Marketplace Ads: Extend your reach strategically, promoting products on platforms including the eCommerce giant Amazon.

  6. Influencer Collaborations: Leverage substantial growth observed in this trend.

  7. SEO Enhancement: Maximise the potential of advanced technologies like Chat GPT and AI bots to elevate your search engine optimisation.

  8. Podcasts: Recognise the untapped potential of this niche within the eCommerce industry, still on the rise.

Mario's insights reinforced the idea that understanding your audience's behaviour is paramount for effective marketing strategies in the digital age.

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“Be aware of your audience. Are they just hanging on your targeted network or are they in a purchasing mode?”

Key Points: strategies; trends; AI; personalisation

Dan Nistor, the co-founder & CEO of Vevol Media, shared insights into eCommerce trends for 2024. His conclusions included:

Lead Magnet Strategy

In a world where third-party cookies are fading, collecting customer data is essential. Strategies like lead magnets, contact forms, and high-value information reports are effective.

Hyper-Personalisation with AI

Personalisation is key, and AI can enhance pre-conversion experiences through product recommendations and augmented reality product fitting.

Multi-Channel Sales

Expanding your sales channels, including eCommerce websites, online marketplaces, social commerce, omnichannel retailing, and pop-up stores, can maximise reach.

Post-Conversion Optimisation

Enhancing the customer experience post-purchase with effective packaging, email, and SMS marketing, retargeting, and loyalty rewards can drive repeat business.

The Power of Video Commerce

Videos have the potential to create a substantial impact, generating a staggering 1200% more shares compared to static content. An impressive 84% of consumers attribute video content to assisting them in making informed purchase decisions. A powerful example here would be the Videowise app.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

It's crucial to acknowledge that UGC carries an impact 8.7 times greater than influencer-generated content.

Evolving Search Behaviour

Recognise the changing landscape of search behaviour; platforms like TikTok and Instagram are becoming search engines in their own right. Nearly 40% of Gen Z now use platforms like TikTok and Instagram for search, expanding beyond reliance on Google.

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“Personalise your customer experience! And people will talk about you when you’re adding that personal touch.”

Dr. Peter Dobias: Quality, Values, and Attitude

Key Points: quality; value; culture; natural

Dr. Peter Dobias, Founder, and CEO of Dr. Dobias Natural Healing, shared his mission of providing natural supplements and vitamins for dogs while emphasizing quality and values. His key conclusions were:

Quality over Quantity

Dr. Dobias emphasised the importance of maintaining product quality, free from chemicals and preservatives.

Company Values

He highlighted the importance of their organisational culture, rooted in values like direct communication and the right attitude. They believe that nurturing the right attitudes and knowledge is crucial, as the right attitude safeguards their company's prosperity beyond mere knowledge acquisition.

Products, Team, Customers

There is a strong link between the three. Dr. Dobias advises to focus on the product instead of growing your company. If you have a qualitative product, scaling will come along naturally. Treat customers right, build a community, and place them equally to your team, but not above your team. Focus on maintaining a happy and healthy relationship between these three.

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“We hire for attitude first, and knowledge second.”

To expand on any of these subjects, watch the full conference here. To leverage these insights and enhance your digital strategy, feel free to reach out to our team at Vevol Media, and learn more about our services here. We're here to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce and digital marketing.

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Meet Our Panel
Yasmina Kazitani: Navigating Saturated Markets
Sarah Liu: Navigating Startup Challenges
Mario Peshev: Targeting the Right Audience in 2023
Dan Nistor: eCommerce Trends in 2024
Dr. Peter Dobias: Quality, Values, and Attitude

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