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11 Sep 2022 ● 1 min read

Woohoo! It's finally here: our new website, on a fresh design - the last piece of the rebranding puzzle.
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Vevol Media has been on the market since 2018, offering digital services and building an impressive portfolio of clients. In the past 12 months we have accelerated the growth and this required a visual rebrand.

The process has started over 6 months ago, with our logo getting a revamp and being updated to a black/white version. All designs related to our brand guideline have followed and these are now in line with the base style.

The main change of the rebrand (and the hardest) was our website. We must admit, we took a shortcut with the previous one and went on with Wordpress and a custom theme. It suited us at that time and we don't regret it.

The new website is a statement to our skills and passion. With a modern and crisp design, we used GatsbyJS (ReactJS + GraphQL) to power this beauty. The content you read now is being delivered through Contentful. There's a few other bits and bobs that we could enlist here to argue that we are good developers, but we'll leave that for another time. The point is that we're extremely proud of our work and we can't wait to develop even better websites for our clients.


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