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Shopify MeetUp Romania 2024 - Overview

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Theea Ursu

07 Mar 2024 ● 7 min read

Read more about Romania's first-ever Shopify MeetUp, an event that brought together eCommerce experts to discuss Shopify's capabilities and share industry-leading strategies.
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On February 19th, the Capitol Hotel in Bucharest turned into an important gathering spot for the eCommerce community as it hosted Romania's first Shopify MeetUp. This wasn't just another industry event, it was a big step towards developing the eCommerce future in our country, hinting at the beginning of many insightful discussions and MeetUps yet to come.

The industry of digital commerce is constantly shifting, and for those looking to be at the forefront, adapting to new developments and changes is key. The MeetUp in Romania created an opportunity for eCommerce enthusiasts, from experts to newcomers, to connect, share insights, and expand their knowledge. Facing intense competition in the global eCommerce market, understanding and using the right tools and strategies becomes vital. This gathering highlighted Shopify's role in offering advanced features, scalability, and worldwide reach to help both large and small businesses grow.

Speaker insights:

  • Dan Nistor, CEO at Vevol Media: Why Shopify & Migrating an Online Store to Shopify
Dan Nistor

Dan Nistor opened the event with a compelling argument for choosing Shopify as the foundation of eCommerce ventures. Focusing his attention on the platform's intuitive interface for both administrators and customers, multilingual capabilities, global accessibility, and strong security measures, Dan laid down the understructure of Shopify's appeal.

He emphasised the importance of Shopify's investment in research and development, noting a significant $1.38 billion investment last year alone. This commitment has resulted in a platform that not only supports business growth at any scale, but also boasts an average conversion rate of 1.8% across its sites.

  • Adrian Sfichi, Founder and CTO of Ecap: Integrating Shopify with ERPs and Courier Services in Romania
Adrian Sfichi

Adrian Sfichi got into the technicalities of improving eCommerce operations through integration with ERPs and courier services. His presentation covered key functionalities like managing multiple inventories, efficient stock transfers, composite product tracking, and real-time supplier stock integration.

He highlighted the ability to automate customer information import, invoice processing, and financial reconciliation, making the case for an efficient backend process that can significantly change the frontend customer experience.

  • Stefan Chiriacescu, Founder and CEO of eCommerce Today: Email Marketing Automations on Shopify
Stefan Chiriacescu

Stefan Chiriacescu talked about the complexities of email marketing within the Shopify ecosystem. His focus on transactional emails, automated sequences, and newsletters highlighted the close relationship between email marketing and SMS marketing. He stressed the importance of selecting the right service, setting DNS correctly, maintaining a clean subscriber list, and effectively setting up automations. He presented a comprehensive marketing plan that integrates email and SMS marketing with digital advertising, social posting, store management, and local business advertising, advocating for a balanced approach that spans multiple channels for maximal impact.

Each flow, as Stefan explained, aims to convert subscribers into customers, bring back site visitors, or recover abandoned carts by utilising strategic email sequences. He talked about the significance of sending all emails from a single service to maintain consistency and smooth the marketing process.

  • Benjamin Lang, Shopify's Head of Northern Europe: About Shopify and Shopify Plus
Benjamin Lang

Benjamin Lang addressed the versatility of Shopify for both B2C and B2B eCommerce models. He aimed to dismiss common misconceptions, presenting Shopify as a strong platform suitable for a wide range of business needs. 

Benjamin underlined Shopify's capabilities in supporting complex B2B transactions and workflows, alongside its well-established B2C commerce solutions. By highlighting the platform's scalability, he reassured attendees of Shopify's suitability for businesses at every stage of growth, stressing the importance of a unified system that can adapt to evolving market demands and technological advancements. 

  • Bogdan Dogaru, CTO at Vevol Media: Smart Shopify Management: How to Avoid Technical Mistakes That Cost You
Bogdan Dogaru

Bogdan Dogaru offered insights into smart Shopify management, focusing on the importance of networking with the right technology partners. He shared expertise on selecting the right Shopify theme and design, focusing on collaboration with Shopify experts to avoid common technical pitfalls that can negatively impact business operations.

His presentation accentuated the necessity for a solid technical foundation to ensure eCommerce success, recommending a proactive approach in theme and niche selection, and emphasising the value of expert guidance.

  • Tudor Goicea, CRO and Co-founder of Aqurate: Personalisation in eCommerce
Tudor Goicea

Tudor Goicea had a powerful talk on the role of personalisation in eCommerce, drawing parallels between the strategies employed by giants like Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook. He talked about how these companies utilise advanced personalisation engines to display relevant information and content to each user, setting a benchmark for eCommerce platforms.

His presentation highlighted the growing expectations of customers and the imperative for eCommerce businesses to adopt technology and customisation strategies to remain competitive, and the importance of understanding the nuances of personalisation to innovate and improve in a competitive market.

  • Panel: Increasing Online Orders on Shopify

The panel discussion was really interactive and fun, bringing together an amazing group of speakers: Razvan Rusu from Razvan Idicel, Valentin Radu from Omniconvert, Victor Stan from Alien Store, Ana Savin from Savin'Skin, and Cosmin Costea, eCommerce Consultant. Their dialogue provided a unique blend of personal stories, practical advice, and strategic insights into the world of Shopify and eCommerce.

Razvan Rusu shared the evolution of Răzvan Idicel, discussing the shift between various platforms before choosing Shopify again, noting the platform's adaptability and ease of use for his team. Ana Savin talked about her move from PrestaShop to Shopify, driven by the platform's capability to keep up with the rapidly changing clean beauty market. Victor Stan spoke about the uniqueness of his niche in Romania and his early adoption of Shopify, attributing his success to the platform's strong marketing and SEO capabilities.

Valentin Radu pointed out the importance of recognising Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and the integration of AB testing and user behaviour analytics to achieve eCommerce success. Cosmin Costea outlined the typical journey of an eCommerce consultation, focusing on pinpointing common issues and employing trends to improve online visibility in Romania.

This conversation not only showed the varied ways Shopify has been utilised, but also demonstrated the platform's effectiveness in supporting successful eCommerce ventures across different sectors. The discussion made it clear that choosing the appropriate platform, customising the customer experience, and embracing a holistic approach to digital marketing and management are really important.

  • Long story short...

This event marked a significant step for the eCommerce community in Romania, offering attendees the amazing opportunity to gain insights from leading experts in the field. And this is just the beginning!

It's clear that the discussions and lessons shared will continue to resonate and inspire. For businesses at the start of digital transformation, the MeetUp showed the path forward, highlighting the essential strategies, tools, and partnerships necessary to grow in the eCommerce industry.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities!

  • We'd like to once again thank our partners eCommerce Today, Ecap, and Aqurate for their invaluable contribution to the success of our event. Their support played an important role in bringing this vision to life, and we couldn't have done it without them.

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