Your Desk Space and the Importance of Light, Ambience and Position for Work Productivity

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15 Nov 2022 ● 3 min read

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Have you ever wondered how you can improve your productivity? One simple first step can be to give more attention to your desk space. Studies show that there’s a significant correlation between your workspace and your productivity and even your creative process. 

Offices all around the world have started redesigning their office spaces to maximize chance encounters and to minimize a hierarchical culture. Scott Birnbaum, Vice President of Samsung Semiconductor says that “the most creative ideas aren’t going to come while sitting in front of your monitor” and an office, “is really designed to spark not just collaboration but that innovation you see when people collide.” With that in mind, even if you work in a big office or you attend your meetings online in a small metaverse, your office will reflect your productivity and creativity.

With three categories in mind, we will discuss how you can improve your working hours by paying more attention to your desk and light as well as some useful objects that you can have around your desk to get your productivity up. 

1. Desk

Importance of standing desks - Vevol Media

Modern desks are more than simply a piece of furniture; they are ergonomically created to provide the best possible range of motion for their users. 

“Sitting is the new smoking” is a phrase you've certainly heard before, and it refers to the detrimental effects of extended sedentary behaviors on your health. This is due to the increased risk of bad health consequences, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among those who spend a lot of time sitting down each day.

Unfortunately, this is a significant issue for many working adults, sitting at their desks for around 54% of their working hours.

Some office workers have started using a sit-stand workstation, which permits them to transition between sitting and standing postures, as a result of the detrimental health effects associated with sedentary behavior.

Personally, I appreciate the ability to change the desk's height at any time of the day with sit-stand workstations.

I've read a lot of papers regarding the best desk height depending on a person's height, but many of these studies had different points of view. It's definitely advantageous to choose the desk height based on your own back discomfort.

2. Light

Importance of light at your desk - Vevol Media

According to experts, 60% of computer users have eye strain and other issues with their vision. By strategically placing the lights in your workspace area, these eye issues can be decreased or completely avoided. Simply use the proper lighting to minimize shadows, and computer glare and overly bright lighting may improve the usability of your office area.

Consider a webpage on your computer as an illustration. If the background is too gray, you may need to reduce the light of your screen and if the background is lighter than the screen you may need to decrease the screen light, for the background and canvas screen to blend in together.

In a home office, sunlight naturally lifts your mood, unless it interferes with your ability to see your computer screen well.

Your computer screen may experience contrast issues, shadows, and glare if bright sunlight is coming through windows that are directly behind or in front of it.

To soften the natural lighting, close the blinds, shades, or drapes to change the amount and direction of outdoor light entering your home office.

To stop natural light from reflecting off your computer screen, you can consider positioning your monitor parallel to the windows.

3. Useful Desk Objects

Useful Desk Objects - TOPL Cup

Did you know that there’s a USB extension out there that can keep your coffee/tea warm all day? Here at Vevol Media, we love coffee, half of the employees drink coffee on a daily basis, and having your coffee hot at any point in the day can really be comforting. 

You may purchase this kind of mug warmers on the internet almost anyplace; we don't endorse any particular brand, but we do support the idea and category of products. 

On the other hand, if you are often moving your location from one office to another, we recommend a reusable coffee mug. You can find good options at TOPL, they offer beautiful engravings and a spill-free experience. 

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