Strategic Partnerships

We offer opportunities for like-minded businesses to link up with Vevol Media to provide better, more customer-centric service packages.

Opportunities for strategic partnerships

Always Looking To Connect

Here at Vevol Media, we are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the best possible services for our customers.

Our Strategic Partnerships Program has this ideal in mind, as we are open to collaboration with other service providers if it is in the best interest of your project.

Our priority is helping our clients achieve their goals. We believe in the power of many. If your company is better suited for our client's requirements, we will happily recommend you!

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Amore Digital - Vevol Media Partner

Amore Digital

Amore Digital is a paid ads consultancy with a strong focus on paid media for e-commerce brands. This includes researching, building and managing performance campaigns across Google ads, shopping and meta ads with a strong focus on ROI.

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Applications Studio - Vevol Media Partner

Applications Studio

Application studios: Native apps with premium performance for Android and iOS. Build your own mobile and send push notifications, integrate your marketing channels and increase your conversion rate with a no-code drag and drop builder.

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Coso.AI - Vevol Media Partner


Automatically generates engaging social media content for your brand each week, based on your brand’s personality and relevant social trends.

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eComm Accel Romania - Vevol Media Partner

eComm Accel Romania

Your e-commerce acceleration program, specially designed to help you develop and grow your success in the online environment in Romania and abroad. eComm Accel is your start in the world of e-commerce. You'll receive personalized strategies and guidance to build your online business now. eComm Accel provides the resources and expertise needed for the expansion and optimization of your business.

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Equivion - Vevol Media Partner


At Equivion, they are bookkeepers, payroll and tax specialists, tech advisors, and financial strategists, helping ecommerce businesses thrive.

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Eyeris - Vevol Media Partner


Create AI-powered product videos and images for your social and ad channels. Better content, less work. No design skills necessary.

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Gorgias - Vevol Media Partner


Centralize all your support tickets in one place and seamlessly integrate with Shopify with Gorgias, an all-in-one tool.

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Klaviyo - Vevol Media Partner


Targeted, personalized messages powered by all of your customer data - scale your email and SMS marketing efforts.

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Krown Themes - Vevol Media Partner

Krown Themes

Shopify themes for ecommerce store owners who want to attract customers and stand out from the crowd with easy to use and customizable shopify templates.

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Limitless - Vevol Media Partner


SEOcupcake & Moloso have merged into Limitless Agency. Digital marketing services integrated with SEO, PPC, Analytics & more. Trafic, conversions & profit.

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Rebuy - Vevol Media Partner


The world’s top brands use Rebuy’s personalization platform to fuel data-driven shopping experiences, win and keep more customers, and accelerate growth.

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ReConvert - Vevol Media Partner


ReConvert helps you sell more, by making it easy to optimize your post-purchase journey. Add checkout upsells, one-click upsells, thank you page offers & more in minutes.

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Rush - Vevol Media Partner


Rush: Build a beautiful custom tracking page, access all shipments in one dashboard and provide an outstanding post-purchase experience. Integrate with all your marketing channels and passively increase your revenue.

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Segmentify - Vevol Media Partner


Segmentify is a Customer Engagement Platform, their focus is creating omnichannel personalised experiences for each customer throughout the entire eCommerce journey to increase conversions, engagement, revenue and customer lifetime value.

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Seon - Vevol Media Partner


SEON Fraud Prevention tools help organisations reduce the costs and resources lost to fraud. Spot fake accounts, slash manual reviews and cut chargebacks now.

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SyncSpider - Vevol Media Partner


SyncSpider is an Ipaas solution with a strong focus on eCommerce integrations. It offers highly customizable automation and out-of-the-box workflows.

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TBM Solution - Vevol Media Partner

TBM Solution

TBM Solution is the exclusive Irish fulfilment provider for fast, fixed-rate next-day delivery in the UK and Ireland. With hubs in Dublin and Bedfordshire, they offer seamless cross-border trade for startups to established brands. They simplify VAT and customs procedures, providing a seamless experience.

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