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Design revamp, custom Shopify components, including currency exchange, wishlist and ring size finder functionalities.

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About the brand

Fyne Jewellery is a groundbreaker in the industry, founded and pioneered by third-generation diamantaire, Aya Ahmad. Honing and refining her craft for most of her life, Aya was the first woman to work in her family’s business, learning the tricks of the trade from her relatives.

Typically, women were expected to work in the jewellery or polished diamond industry, however, Aya decided to go against the grain and, instead, started working in the traditionally masculine world of the rough diamond trade. This saw her become one of the first women to do so on a global scale, and the only female focusing on diamond tenders at this point in time.

Upon learning more about lab diamonds, Aya knew this was the groundbreaking approach to jewellery making she had been searching for. It was a new, contemporary, and disruptive take to producing beautiful products, and she wasn’t afraid to go against tradition and convention to turn her vision into a reality.

Aya now proudly carries the title of the first person to have launched a lab-grown diamond jewellery brand in the Middle East; a conscious decision to produce high-quality pieces, without sacrificing her core values.

...I just wanted to say I'm LOVING how easy it is and how versatile the options [for the custom sections] are.

Aya AhmadOwner, Fyne Jewellery

We took the pulse of the brand and found out what Aya likes when it comes to design, what new additions she wanted and what she did not want to keep from the old website, as well as her goals for the store.

We settled on going with a modern look and feel, with asymmetric sections and an emphasis on bold typography. What we wanted to preserve was the storytelling which was achieved by combining the beautiful imagery from the website with the wording.

Our development principles are pretty straightforward - we build everything with the user and customer (the shop admin) in mind. All sections are easily customisable, and no development experience is required to adjust design elements. The components act as modular Shopify sections that can be added to any page, in any order.

Fyne Jewellery Case Study - Results & Impact

Results & Impact

After migrating all pages and removing the 3rd party page builder, the website speed increased by 23% on desktop and 54% on mobile. We not only improved the user’s experience but the owner’s too. By not being tied up to another app and being able to change anything in just a few clicks (literally) we saved her time and money.


Desktop Speed Increase


Mobile Speed Increase

Bye, bye, 3rd party apps

We are big fans of Shopify apps, they’re versatile, easy to set up and always reliable. When you reach a certain point in your business, have tried all of the options and you discover exactly what works best for your brand, then it’s time to take it to the next level.

This is exactly what happened at Fyne Jewellery, the apps did a great job, but there was room for improvement.

We went ahead and made a plan to replace the 3rd party apps with embedded custom components built from scratch. One of the main concerns we had to address was how each app had a slightly different appearance, we had to adjust them to look seamless on the website. After laying out all the pros and cons the existing apps had, we were ready to polish up the product page.

Here are some apps we’ve replaced with custom code, as well as new custom functionalities developed by us:

Gift Wrapping

Fyne Jewellery offers free premium gift wrapping on all orders placed on the website, which we made more intuitive and effortless for the customers to add.


It may be considered a small feature not worth focusing on, but engraving your jewellery is what makes the piece truly yours and Aya decided to take it up a notch. We built a custom rendering of her best-selling item in the store and made it engrave dynamically.

Estimated Delivery Times & Currency Exchanger

As Aya sells unique pieces of jewellery, it was impossible not to get international attention. Fyne Jewellery gets orders from all around the world, which is why estimating the delivery dates is especially important.

Also, having an integrated currency exchanger that helps customers convert the prices into their preferred currency was a must, so we added this too.


A wishlist app is a big feature for the website, and most 3rd party apps take forever to load. We coded an alternative with the aim of great speed and flawless blending to the store. We also built an interface to inform Aya of which products are her customer’s favourites, as well as the ability to view necessary statistics and reports.

I have noticed a big uptick in clients using the gift wrapping feature and some already using the engraving tool - I do think the changes have been well received, so thanks again!

Aya AhmadOwner, Fyne Jewellery

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