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Wordpress Woocommerce to Shopify migration, including customers, orders and products. Website Redesign and Store setup included.

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About the brand

LumiRed is one of the leading brands in Red Light Therapy in Ireland, and they're proud to be the first providers of Red Light Therapy products in the country. They feature three ranges of products, with multiple accessories, based on each customer's needs and budget.

As a dedicated team of health professionals, LumiRed is committed to taking a personalised approach to cultivating strong relationships with its customers. This means providing guidance and advising on using RLT for each customer's unique needs and individual goals.

For LumiRed, we went ahead with a bold, technical website with powerful red accents that emphasise the nature of their products. Our design was based on the chosen theme but with a few customisations that make the website unique.

After we confirmed the Figma design, we went ahead and began implementing it. Section by section, inch by inch, it all started to come to life. Here is a breakdown of components we added to the theme:

✔ We built a custom section for technical specifications that are populated based on individual metafields;

✔ Optimizing the process of how LumiRed customers can get in touch to learn more about the products was a huge priority of ours, so we seamlessly integrated Calendly into the product page and contact page;

✔ We improved the product comparison page by comparing metafields;

✔ In order to make the website more dynamic, we built a custom Call to Action button for navigating the website,

✔ We rebuilt the navigation so it would be transparent on the top of the page so it would fit into the banners;

✔ We made a custom Benefits page, where we explained the benefits of the products on one page - as opposed to the old website where the customer needed to go through multiple pages to get this information.

They provided a lot of insights, ideas, and recommendations

From the start, they understood the brief and worked on their own initiative. We gave them indicators of what we were looking for, and communication was excellent at all times.

Rory O'NeillDirector, Lumired

Additional Features & Changes

We worked with a photographer that took great professional pictures of the products in use, images that suit the brand but also fit the overall website aesthetic we were aiming for. Our copywriter proofread the existing website copy and improved it where he saw good SEO opportunities, and also wrote new text where it was needed.

We also imported all reviews from Trustpilot to, which is a great tool for collecting and curating reviews inside Shopify. With, we set up a flow to request reviews from the customers after purchasing the product and also sent coupons for future purchases.

When it comes to apps, we are big fans of testing, so we added multiple bundling apps to make sure we found the perfect setup for our client's needs. We settled on Bundlr, which is extremely customisable and provides great value for its price.


After two months of working together, the website went live, and we're super excited about it! The speed is great on desktop as well as on mobile, and the user experience has improved a lot. The website has been optimized and designed to specifically suit the overall voice and aesthetic of LumiRed, as well as provide incredible functionality.

The purchase flow is shorter and faster than ever. Customers will now be able to buy Lumired products easier.

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